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The Neon Movie Bunker

Dec 29, 2022

The end of the year is here, and with it all the requisite looking-back festivities. As such, John and El'Ahrai are here with their Top 5 Worst movies of 2022! Live, laugh, and love your way through this trip down landmine-filled memory lane. Plus! Reviews of "Puss In Boots: The Last Wish" and "Strange World"! I'm not...

Dec 21, 2022

A plethora of holiday treats await you in this week's episode! El'Ahrai and John review "The Whale" and "Babylon"! So listen up for that good, good stuff! You can't trust Melanie. But, you can always trust Melanie to be Melanie.

Dec 15, 2022

Arguably the heaviest hitters of the year are here, and wouldn't you know, we've got a review of it! That's right, John and El'Ahrai are here to review "Avatar: The Way of Water" and "The Mean One"! Listen in to hear what they have to say! Plus! Awards talk! And: stuff! Can you close off your feelings so you don't get...

Dec 9, 2022

El'Ahrai and John have returned once more to enlighten, and just possibly entertain. This week sees reviews of "Violent Night" and "Empire of Light", all right all right. Plus! A lengthy opening discussion of Sight and Sound's 2022 Polls! Class isn't something you buy. Look at you, you've got on a 500-dollar suit and...

Dec 1, 2022

The year is coming down to its home stretch, and John and El'Ahrai have reviews for you! This week, they talk "The Fabelmans" and "The Harbinger"! Isn't that a thrill? I'm expendable. I'm the guy in the episode who dies to prove how serious the situation is. I've gotta get outta here.