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The Neon Movie Bunker

Aug 31, 2022

Hey, guess what! We've got a new episode for you. This week, El'Ahrai and John bring you reviews of "Three Thousand Years of Longing" and "Burial"! So please, listen and enjoy! Yeah, I heard an animal once do that, but then they rolled him over and he was dead.

Aug 24, 2022

In defiance of the laws of God and man, a new episode rises! This week, John and El'Ahrai review "Fall" and "Glorious"! Is that enough for you? It is? Oh, good. If you're going to have a problem with stealing, then you're not going to like the rest of this conversation.

Aug 17, 2022

OK, before we start, we know the sound is a bit wonky on this one. That said, we have a new epsiode! El'Ahrai and John are back with reviews of "Bodies Bodies Bodies" and "The Burned Barn"! Plus, the greatest idea for an intrastudio crossover since "Freddy Vs. Jason"! So listen and learn! He only gave me our scenes. I...

Aug 10, 2022

It's an action-packed show this week, as John and El'Ahrai review "Bullet Train" and "Allegoria"! But wait, there's more! We also have Part 2 of our interview with Steve Barton, a.k.a. Dread Central's Uncle Creepy! What an age in which we live! There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed.

Aug 4, 2022

And here we are, back with another episode! This week, El'Ahrai and John review "DC League of Super-Pets" and "Bloody Muscle Bodu Builder In Hell"! But wait, there's more! We also have the first half of an extensive interview with Steve Barton, a.k.a. Uncle Creepy from Dread Central! Isn't that delightful? The...